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The Best Luggage For Travel

Finding the best luggage for travel can be challenging. If you spend all your money on the most expensive suitcase, you may not be able to take your trip. But you also need luggage that you do not have to duck tape right away. What do you do?

My husband and myself try to find the best deal, without breaking the bank. Because if we spend to much money on luggage we won’t be able to go on our trip. So, we look for a happy medium. What is the suitcase worth, if you cannot take your trip? Right now our luggage is okay, but I am looking online to prepare for our next purchase. Maybe a little roomier.

What is the Perfect Luggage?

Finding good but inexpensive luggage. Where do we begin?

To start with we look at reviews online. I like going to Amazon and Ebay for this information, also their is an endless list of articles online. So take your time and read up on all the different types of luggage and their reviews.

As you are looking at reviews, start narrowing down your decision by your must haves

  • Do you want a hard case or soft case?
  • What size are you looking for?
  • Benefits like back pack or it has wheels?
  • Take into consideration some of the problems listed in the reviews.

Finding Luggage that Fits Your Budget

  • Start by deciding on your price range.
  • We are looking in the price range of $60.00 to $80.00. Boyd and I will be sharing this suitcase. This will be what we use to go on cruises. Not to mention, we absolutely love cruising and we don’t want spend all of our money on a suitcase. But we need our luggage to be large, flexible and on wheels. There is nothing worse than it not fitting into your car.
  • Most of us have all been there, where we keep trying to shove it into the trunk and it won’t fit. Since I can’t afford, a bigger vehicle right now, because I like traveling to much. I will just have to make sure my suitcase is flexible.

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The Two Options We Are Considering

When you need to buy some lightweight luggage for travelling, without spending a fortune.

Travel Select Amsterdam, Expandable 29″
Amazon Basics, Expandable 29″

These are the two luggage products that we are considering. If we can, we will end up with the Amazon Basics because of the spinner wheels. From the reviews the Amazon Basics will meet our needs and stay within our price range.

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Buying New Luggage.

Make sure you buy luggage that fits your needs, without breaking your bank. So when your are shopping around online or in stores, keep the size, style and price in mind. Because if the luggage doesn’t match your needs your trip could become work instead of fun.

Please comment below about your favorite luggage.

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