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Sulfur Fork Days In Doddridge, Arkansas

Doddridge Community is doing it again. The folks of Doddridge are pulling together to present everyone with a live reenactment of the Sulfur Fork Factory (1817 – 1822). This will be the Bicentennial of the Sulfur Fork Indian Trading Post. So, I would like to share with you a little history surrounding this event, give a little insight to what to expect and tell you when the reenactment will be taking place. With the help of people from all over, the Sulfur Fork Days will be an event not easily forgotten.

Doddridge Community Project

History of the Sulfur Fork Factory

The Sulfur Fork Factory, or Indian Trading Post was established to promote but regulate trade with the Indians. The United States Government started the Indian factory system in 1795. The Sulfur Fork Indian Trading Post did not exist until 1817 when a government agent, John Fowler, decided to relocate the Natchitoches, Louisiana Factory. This was due to hostility from the community surrounding the Natchitoches Factory.
The Sulfur Fork Factory was located at the fork of the Sulfur and Red River. The confirmation of the Sulfur Fork Factory is due to a private collection and a test excavation.
If you would like more information surrounding the history of the Factories and how they confirmed the Sulfur Fork Site here are a couple of online references, that I used. The Arkansas Archeologist: Bulletin of the Arkansas Archeological Society or The Encyclopedia of Arkansas (The Central Arkansas Library System).

Sulfur Fork Reenactment

There will be 3 days of live reenactment taking place. For those of you who have seen live reenactments you know what to expect. But for those who have not been to a reenactment, here are a few things to look forward to.
There will be a lot of activity taking place, and people dressed in the clothes from the 1800-time period. There will be a Black Smith, Fur Traders, and more. They will also have artifacts from the original Sulfur Fork Trading Post. Plus, good food.

Three Days of Excitement

The Sulfur Fork Days will take place on April 6th – 8th, 2018. This free event is less than a month away. On Friday April 6th it will only be open to the schools from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. The last I heard they have over 500 students signed up for the event on the 6th.
On Saturday and Sunday which is April 7th and 8th it will be open to the public from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The event will be in downtown Doddridge surrounding the Ferry. Coming from Shreveport on I49 take exit 4 turn left on Hwy 71 and head towards Doddridge, then turn Left on Hwy 160. Coming from Texarkana on I49 take exit 6 and turn right to Hwy 71. Turn left on Hwy 71 then head towards Doddridge and turn Right on Hwy 160. Look for the Ferry.

Ferry - Doddridge, AR

Sulfur Fork Days Coming Soon

Here we have it, a little history on the Sulfur Fork Factory. Information on what to expect. And when and where this event will be taking place. I hope everyone will come on over to Doddridge, Arkansas and see this living history event during the Sulfur Fork Days.

For more information about this event or others check out Sulfur Fork Trading Post Bicentennial Facebook page or Doddridge, Arkansas Facebook page.


Sorry guys, there is no semi parking in this area.

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