Trucks at TA Ontario, CA with mountains behind them

Semi Traveling

Sharing information about places that we have  been and others may want to explore.

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Tips and Reminders

Tips and reminders about travelling. Some of this information maybe geared more to semi drivers.

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Basic Traveling

Blstravel will have post on other types of travel for example cruising or car only destinations.

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Hi! I’m Cynthia,

My husband, Boyd, and I are the creators of this site. Our site, Blstravel, is new. We decided to start Blstravel for information we could never find. What can we do while we are down.

Being over the road truck drivers, can sometimes be difficult. We can’t always drive our truck to where we want to go. The problems may range from the truck being to tall, to long, or to heavy. So, we have started contacting people at the places we would like to visit and confirming whether or not we can drive our truck in.

Our goal now is to share what new information and experiences we have at our destinations.

Hope you enjoy your time here.  We will be posting one new blog a month, sometimes more.