Hello Sparks, Nevada

I have to say while my husband and I were driving trucks one of my favorite 34-hour restart spots was Sparks, Nevada. There was plenty to do within walking distance. You could walk around the lake. Visit the casino either in the TA or Western Village which is next door. Go shopping at the mall and while you’re there stop in at the movies. Not to mention there are many places to eat, nearby.
To start with we would park at the TA, so we would be in a good area for visiting these nearby attraction’s. Let me just say that the Western Village Casino Hotel and the Sparks Marina Park and Lake are less than a mile away. But the mall and movies are about 1.5 miles away. So, don’t get fussy with me over the walk.Western Village Casino, Sparks, NV

Western Village Casino and Hotel

We would rent a room for the night and enjoy some time out of the truck. For some of you this is no big deal, but us we could spread out a bit. We could enjoy some TV time and relax. We are not big on gambling, so we didn’t do much of that. But we would occasionally eat at one of the Western Village Casino restaurants. Pricing on the rooms and restaurant were reasonable. So, it was definitely a nice break for us.Sparks Marina Lake, Sparks, NV

Sparks Marina Park

Sparks Marina Park is right behind the Western Village Hotel. There is a dock that goes out over the lake or you can just walk around most of the lake. And if you have a dog they have doggie parks that has access to the lake. On certain days you can go swimming, if you are there during these times. But if not, you can enjoy the little ground squirrels, that run and play along the boulders beside the lake.
We would usually, enjoy walking around the lake watching the ground squirrels, as they played. Of course, the people with dogs at the doggie parks was also entertaining. As you can see it doesn’t take much to keep us entertained.
Tower with Airplane, Sparks, NVStatue with Paper, Sparks, NV

The Outlets At Legends

Then of course, there is the mall that is about 1.5 miles from the TA truck stop. There is all kinds of shopping you can do there. They have a Scheel’s Sporting Goods Store with a working Ferris Wheel inside. All kinds of clothing stores but no grocery stores. Of course, I have never seen a grocery store in a mall whether it is an indoor mall or strip mall.
As you walk around the mall area they have plenty of seating, huge fire pits, and statues which helps to inspire and relax you. I absolutely love this type of mall.
Not to mention they have Galaxy Sparks IMAX Luxury and Theatre. Notice the word Luxury in their name. They have reclining seats and attaching tables. Grimaldi’s Pizza is also a favorite of ours. Take a day and just unwind at The Outlets At Legends.Water Fountain at The Outlet Mall, Sparks, NV

Time Well Spent

Time spent at Sparks, NV always was enjoyable whether we just stayed in the hotel room and watched TV, walked around Sparks Marina Park, or went to the mall. We would enjoy our time out of the truck and exploring the area.

As you can see we always tried to stop at locations that had things to do around them. A couple of our other favorite stops were Ontario, CA and Troutdale, OR.

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