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Grand Canyon Railway

One of the spontaneous trips we have done was the Grand Canyon via Grand Canyon Railway.  We had picked up a load out of Pennsylvania and was heading for Southern California. Which means coming across the US and dropping down on I40.

This was an adventure Boyd and I would never forget. We were coming across the US and I decided during my drive time, while he was asleep, that we were going to stop at the Grand Canyon. We had plenty of time for a hotel stay and the train ride in Williams, AZ. So, that morning as I was taking one of my breaks I called Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel and asked if they had truck parking. They told me “sure”,  they had a big gravel lot for trucks and RV’s to park on. While I had them on the phone I confirmed the prices that were online.

* We do not receive a commission from the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel. This was a stop that we truly enjoyed.*

The drive to Williams, AZ. The Hotel and Rail Station with their Wild West Show. The train ride where the show doesn’t end and then finally the majestic view of the Grand Canyon. This was a trip worth remembering.

The Drive

When Boyd got up to take over I told him that I was wanting to stop by the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel and ride the train and see the Grand Canyon. He thought it would be a great idea too. At the time we decided we were going to do this we would be arriving at the Grand Canyon Depot about 4:30 in the morning. We did our swap over, I went to bed and Boyd had a good night’s drive.

Boyd gets me to Tucumcari, NM and I take over our time is still looking good for the trip. We take off after we fuel, and I get my cup of coffee. My night starts off pretty good and Boyd goes to bed. Unfortunately, I don’t quite make it to Santa Rosa, NM before the truck starts running rough.

Finally, I wake Boyd up because I just passed the truck stops in Santa Rosa. I am climbing a mountain and I began to wonder if our truck was going to make it. Because it was late at night and there was very little traffic we decided I would use center emergency turn around. I drove us back to the TA in Santa Rosa, at this point I figured we would not be stopping at the Grand Canyon. Lucky for us, TA was not busy. They fixed our truck within 2-3 hours and had us on our way.

The Arrival At The Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel

We arrived! Sure enough, right across from the hotel was a gravel lot that we parked our truck in. We then hustled into the Railway Depot to buy our tickets because it would not be long before the train pulled out. We purchased the train and motor coach ride to view the canyon and one-night hotel stay. Once we got our tickets we had just enough time to go into the hotel and give them the information on our semi parked in their lot before the 9:00 AM show started. That’s right there is a Wild West Shootout before boarding the train.

We headed out the hotel over to the train depot into the Show area to watch the beginning of the wild west show. The sheriff was having a shoot out with the gang of robbers of course the sheriff didn’t catch them before our departure. So, lo and behold, the sheriff climbs aboard our train to make sure our travels were safe.

Show On The Train

We get in line and the attendant shows us which car to board. Since it was short notice, we got the coach tickets. Be sure to look at all their packages online at Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel or give them a call. We walked to the back of the car and took a seat and waited for the attendant assigned to our car to check our tickets for travel. Once all the passengers got on the train we took off. It was a slow start of course but I loved it. As we traveled to the Grand Canyon you could see trees, open plains, and prairies.

The staff member on our car answered all the questions we had about the trip and the canyon. But he was interrupted several times by singing cowboys, and the sheriff on the way up to the canyon. The Old West just kept calling, because on the way back the train gets ambushed by the robbers, and the sheriff once again tries to capture them.

Once we came to a stop at the lodge in the Grand Canyon Park, this is where we get off the train and begin the tour. Can you imagine spending the night in the Grand Canyon? We didn’t get to, but we did do the motor coach tour.

Tour of The Canyon

When we got off the train we boarded the motor coach and they drove us to several different spots on the south rim. At each of these destinations, we could see different views of the Grand Canyon. So, we would take our time and walk around these areas.

I had to take a moment and just take in what I was seeing. The majestic colors; reds, gold, and yellows of the Canyon are so beautiful. And the deep crevice’s in the earth which are the canyons, cannot be seen just anywhere. When we see the hawk take flight over the canyon, my thought was can you imagine it’s view? The scenery is something I will never forget, and I will always have a hard time finding words to describe the feeling of complete awe.

Book Your Trip

So just let me say, if you ever get the chance go and see the Grand Canyon don’t hesitate. I loved every part of our crazy journey. The drive there, the checking into the Grand Canyon Railway and Hotel. The show at the depot and on the train, and the GRAND CANYON with its everlasting beauty.

If you like the thought of the Grand Canyon Depot and Hotel package, by all means check it out. We were glad we found it, because semis don’t belong in the Grand Canyon. Not to mention, you don’t have to buy the hotel and train package. You can just do a day ride and then go visit Flagstaff, AZ.

Safe Travels!

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