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Don’t Ignore Your Health Semi – Drivers

I found out the hard way, why you shouldn’t ignore your health.

I have always been one who loves traveling. My poor husband Boyd would come home from work and I would be ready to go. I loved it when we would pack up and take our boys camping. In my husbands’ situation this would be tough. For most of his working life he has driven a truck. So when both of my boys got out of school, I went back to school and learned to drive a semi-truck. I didn’t mess around I got all  my certifications so we could haul any type of load; hazmat, tanker, doubles, and triples, of course I didn’t get to experience everything but that’s okay.

Places we have been

Without a doubt, I love driving a truck and traveling across the United States. My husband and I were team drivers for about 10 years. I have been extremely lucky because I have been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Being able to see the golds, oranges, reds, and yellows of the trenches carved into the earth from so many years ago, was exhilarating. I got to visit Twin Falls State Park in Washington, where the trees were like Giants. Meramec Caverns in Missouri, is where we found the different formations inside the caves that would take your breath away. Historic Downtown Troutdale, Oregon has a Chinese restaurant that had the largest Egg Rolls I have ever seen and delicious to boot. Six Flags in San Antonio, Texas.  Crossing the George Washington Bridge in New York, which was scary. I love Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania during fall and seeing the autumn colors come alive. This journey has been wonderful.

Boyd and Cynthia Troutdale, ORBoyd in Cynthia in Semi

Then Things Went Wrong

Of course, I also love to be active and found that while I love driving a sem-truck the two don’t always work together. So, over the past few years my body has decided to work against me. No I didn’t gain a lot of weight, but sleeping sound is what became my Achilles heel. During my time as a driver, I have had the unfortunate luck of having, Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis) around 2011. Passing out episodes which was my blood pressure bottoming out, this lead to a pace-maker in 2014. This year I experienced a seizure.

Currently, I am still battling the low blood pressure so this year I got to add salt tablets to my diet. Not to mention I am now on seizure medication due to my seizure back in May. Hopefully, I will never experience another seizure but to all you semi-drivers out there you know what this means for me.

Try to get in daily exercise, try to keep from getting aggravated and stressed, try to eat right and try to get good sound sleep. I do realize that this is a whole lot easier said than done, but none the less try.

Don’t Ignore Your Health

Semi - Truck Seat Steering Wheel Although, I know I will not be able to drive a semi anymore I have been blessed, during my passing out episodes and my seizure I was not in any accident. I was also able to drive and see many remarkable places. My heart breaks because I will never be the one behind that semi-wheel again but fortunately I will be able to ride along with my husband from time to time.

The message I would like to pass along to all my traveling friends. Take a moment and enjoy your surroundings because you never know what life might throw at you. Also, if you ever start feeling weak, really tired, or just not right get in and see your doctor to make sure everything is okay. Remember, don’t ignore your health.

Safe Travels Everyone!

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