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Doddridge, AR Coming Back To Life

Downtown Doddridge, AR is undergoing some renovations. They started with the ferry being moved to the downtown area. Then added a walking trail, redoing the old post office, and working on much more.

Places Change

I remember when my husband and I with our two boys moved here. The Springbank Ferry Festival would take place every year in downtown Doddridge, AR. The ferry shut down and the Springbank Ferry Festival quit happening. Now it looks like a group of people are striving to reinvent our community, and I for one am glad. They moved the ferry to the park in downtown Doddridge and now have a walking trail and a little free library to go with it. It is a wonderful place to take a stroll. If you get to the walking trail early enough you can meet some of the women who are apart of the changes happening in our community.

Improvements Made

In 2011, this group of people had the Springbank Ferry moved to the future park in downtown Doddridge, AR. The Springbank Ferry Walking Trail had its début in 2014. The first organized walk was for the Step-Up Program to help save the rural schools sponsored by Rural Community Alliance (RCA). This year (2017) The Springbank Little Free Library had its début, the floor on the ferry was replaced and the old post office is in the process of being redone. As you can see, things are moving right along.Doddridge, AR park

Community Strong

I may have missed riding the ferry across the river. But I can honestly say that I enjoy taking my walks around the park. I enjoy the novelty of the ferry, not to mention all the history and wonderful improvements in Doddridge, AR. This special group of people who are working hard to bring back life to our community (EHC, Doddridge Community Development Council, and others). I would like to say Thank You.Doddridge Community Project

So, if you live in the area take a moment and go see downtown Doddridge, AR. And if you don’t live in our area but are passing through come visit the old Springbank Ferry, our walking trail and the old post office.

Semi Drivers

Unfortunately there is no room to park a semi truck.

Directions to Doddridge, AR

Doddridge, Arkansas is located off Hwy 71 between Texarkana, AR and Shreveport, LA. If you are traveling on interstate 49 take exit 4  to Hwy 71 heading south turn right or heading north turn left at the end of the exit ramp. When you reach Hwy 160 turn left.

Coming Events

Sulphur Fork Days April 6 – 8, 2018

To see what is going on in our community you can follow Doddridge Arkansas on Facebook. The Sulphur Fork Trading Post Bicentennial has a Facebook page as well.


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4 thoughts on “Doddridge, AR Coming Back To Life”

  1. Melony Lummus Greenwell

    I grew up in Doddridge. My mom worked on the ferry until the day it stopped operations. Loved riding back and forth with the great people who worked on the ferry. I don’t go to Doddridge much anymore, butI guess I will be making a trip soon! If only they could get the school reopened. Oh well….

  2. Brandi rowton wyble

    I grew up in doddridge until age 23 I moved off …loved riding the ferry be for the bridge was built.. lots of my family still there.. it will always have a piece of my heart.

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