Black Bart's Steakhouse

Black Bart’s Steakhouse; Great Food and a Singing Wait Staff

Hidden behind rows of RV’s and many beautiful trees my husband and I found a most delightful evening out. Dinner and a singing wait staff (musical revue) was waiting for us at Black Bart’s Steakhouse and Saloon.

Music With Your Food

As we stepped inside Black Bart’s we found a fun and festive evening. A piano was busting out notes, as a hostess ask how many are in our party and do we want to sit by the stage? Waiters and waitresses were moving back and forth thru tables taking care of the customers as they were singing “Be my guest” “Be my guest” and other catchy tunes. Throughout the evening each performer, which is the wait staff, took the stage and entertained the crowd with their own number.

Enjoying Our Surroundings

As we looked around, seated everywhere were people laughing and enjoying the show. When the waiter came shuffling by, with his tray loaded down. The smell of steak made our mouths water and our stomachs growl. Once they seated us and we had placed our order we could not contain our happiness. With the thought of our margaritas and steaks on the way and the crowd’s excitement made us want to join in with the singing.

Stop By Black Bart’s Steakhouse

If you are in the area you must take time to find Black Bart’s Steakhouse. From the delicious foods, wonderful drinks and a most unforgettable show, this will be an evening you will remember for a very long time. Black Bart’s opens at 5:00pm and is located off interstate 40 exit 198 Flagstaff, Arizona. Ph# 928-779-3142 or 800-574-4718, website

Black Barts Steakhouse, Flagstaff, Arizona



There is semi parking beside Black Bart’s and across the street. Little America Truck Stop and Hotel provides this parking for their customers. We parked our truck and rented a hotel room at Little America and then went and had dinner at Black Bart’s.


This place is for you. You will find Black Bart’s Steakhouse in Black Bart’s RV park. Isn’t that awesome!

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