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About Us

Welcome to BLSTravel

Do you ever find yourself looking for something to do because you are running early with your load? This site has some solutions. Browse our site and discover some of the places that we have taken a semi just so we can explore our surroundings. We will also share a few travel tips, hard knocks about trucking, and general travel information.

For Those of You Who Don’t Drive a Semi

You will be able to visit these places with ease. But I always recommend giving any destination a little research to confirm easy access.

Who are We

Boyd and Cynthia At The Beach
Boyd and Cynthia (BlsTravel)

We were Professional Team Truck Drivers up until 2016. We have two sons, who are married.  We also, have two grandsons, and a granddaughter. We love to travel with and without our kids.

When we were not rushing for a load, we liked exploring the U.S. via a SEMI truck. Now I ride with my husband when he has an out of town load… or we just decide were taking a road trip… or we decide were going on a cruise. When we are not on the road, we like to spend time with our family.

I hope you enjoy your time here!